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µSync allows you to keep all of your notepads synced across all of your devices seamlessly. Notepads are encrypted using AES-256 encryption and we won't even make you type in your email address to sign up; µSync cares about syncing your notes and absolutely nothing else.

It's completely free for any notepad/notebook that's mostly text, and it's really cheap for up to twenty of your more advanced notepads.

What is a "more advanced notepad"?

Any notepad with 10 or more binary assets (anything that isn't text).

Where do I sign up?

You can sign up on the manage account page.

Can I use other sync services with MicroPad?

Yep! The entire point of µPad is to be as open as possible. You can export all of your notepads easily and put then in a shared folder or any other system you'd like to use. We just think that µSync is the best one.