My Freedoms?

Taking notes is a fundamentally important task, especially for students. However, most powerful note-taking apps lock you into their platform.

MicroPad is open source and free. It uses a simple file format (with an open-source parser) and can export to markdown-formatted plain text.

Infinite Canvas

Note-taking is a very different task to document-writing, and being restricted to a vertical page limits you. We think taking notes is better on a whiteboard than on a lined sheet of paper.
μPad provides an infinite canvas for your ideas, letting you structure your thoughts as you please.

Truly Cross-platform

The web-client works on any modern browser. It doesn't matter if you're using a Chromebook, a Surface, or a toaster.

Get your notes anywhere with μSync

μSync is built right into μPad providing a complete and seamless experience. μSync will keep your notes in sync across all of your devices quickly and securely with AES-256 encryption.

Markdown Editor

Markdown is a way to format text without having to lift your hands off of the keyboard. This standard is built right into μPad with helpful additions like: mathematics, todo lists, and tables.

Evernote Import

Export your notes to the enex format and they can instantly be uploaded and imported into μPad.
'Evernote' and the 'Evernote Logo' are trademarks of the Evernote Corporation

Download μPad

Get the source on GitHub.